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Jersey Shore   
10:18am 08/07/2006
  I'm in New Jersey. I went swimming in the Atlantic Ocean yesterday afternoon. It's weird to face the ocean and have the sun set behind you...

Do you live in NY? We're playing at CBGB's tonight. See you there!

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Baltimore, etc.   
02:27pm 02/07/2006
  We, Speaker Speaker, have completed the recording and mixing of our debut full-length album with Mr. J. Robbins in Baltimore, MD. Awesome? Totally.

I guess I lied about the etc.

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Speaker Speaker Mid-West Tour 2006   
04:24pm 03/04/2006
mood: excited
Apr 7
LE COLD LAB (all ages)

Apr 8
THE RAVEN (all ages / 21+)

Apr 9
THE MAINLINE (all ages)

Apr 10
THE CIRCUIT (all ages)

Apr 11
15TH ST. TAVERN (21+)

Apr 12

Apr 13

Apr 14

Apr 15

Apr 16

Apr 17

Apr 18
BIG V'S (21+)

Apr 19

Apr 20

Apr 21
OLD FIRE HOUSE (all ages)

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11:27pm 11/12/2005
  I discovered this stupid blog/message board where Armo ladies post pictures of themselves and then Armo dudes say, "you should AIM me" or "do you have MSN?" But the best thing in the world was this:

"are you bi? have you done anything with girls"
"i am bi but i have a gf and she has like one arm"

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I went to   
04:33pm 17/10/2005
  London. Rome. Florence. Naples. Amalfi.
And prolly some other places too. Back in Seattle tomorrow.
Boo hoo.

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What the fuck?   
02:24am 12/09/2005
mood: Not stabbed
Kira is at work until at least 3am, which leaves me bored at home alone. So I decided to go for a bike ride out around the hill. As I crossed Pine, I saw a sea of flashing lights outside of Man Ray. When I stopped to see what was going on, I was informed that two guys had been stabbed at Man Ray. There was a trail of splattered blood all up and down the sidewalk.


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Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Spider.   
10:15am 18/08/2005
  I just saw a bee fly into a spider's web. Despite the bee's frantic attempt to flee, thrashing around and destroying all but a few strands of the web in the process, the spider kept at it. First, the spider wrapped one of the bee's wings in web. When the bee continued its useless thrashing, the spider continued to wrap its other wing, and then its head. As the bee slowed its movements, the spider quickly wrapped up the entire bee and then sung its teeth into the bee's abdomen. Soon the bee was still. Amazed by this natural process, I decided to go to livejournal.com, log in, and share with you. When I looked up to see if there had been any further developments in Spider vs. Bee, the two were gone.  

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Jesse Fucking LeDoux did our artwork!   
01:41pm 12/08/2005

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Do people still do this?   
12:13am 12/08/2005
  Hi, LJ. I almost forgot you exist.  

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Colin's birthday is December 27   
11:13pm 16/06/2005
  wicked awesome!  

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You can go to "Jolly Pirate Donuts" and take a two-hour shit for all I care!   
10:58am 11/06/2005
  Laugh your ass off:

"Let me tell you about a porcupine's balls; they're small, and they don't give a shit!"

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Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson.   
12:16am 08/06/2005
  Anne Bancroft is dead.
jesus loves you more than you will know
Jesus loves you more than you will know.

"Gold is just a trick of the light, and lead is light as a feather,
so leave me where the kids are alright and we will all go down together."

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Sign me up for tattoos and reconstructive surgery!   
02:06am 05/06/2005
  You know those TV shows were people go on and get extreme makeovers to the point of reconstructive bone surgery in order to look like celebrities? Well, I've decided to get surgery and then have tentacles attached to my head and then get tattooed entirely green so that I can look like Kit Fisto.


This is how I plan on congratulating myself, now that I am officially done with my studies at the University of Washington and will be graduating on Wednesday 6/8.

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You're my tomate   
01:54am 05/06/2005
  the bryce says:
"dude, there's a lot of chancres on that shit"---yeah, I get that all the time

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send me a letter. tell me you are doing well.   
09:28am 23/05/2005
  2239 Boylston Ave E Apt. #3
Seattle WA 98102

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1'm a hack3r, d00d   
07:48am 18/05/2005
  t0n1ght 1 g3t 0phph w0rk at 10:00pm. Th3n 1 hav3 t0 catch a buz phr0m ht3 N0rthgat3 Tran51t c3nt3r at 10:20 t0 b3 d0wnt0wn by 10:46 t0 m33t up w1th C0l1n, Danny and Bryc3, wh0 w1ll hav3 b33n 1n l1n3 ph0r 5tar Warz 51nc3 7:00pm. At 12:01, ht3 5h1t g03z d0wn.  

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cinco de mayo, two-thousand-five-oh!!   
10:22am 05/05/2005

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What's up with wanting to run a shaved head?   
09:46am 02/05/2005
  Today in Italian, Maggie reached up from behind me and rubbed my head. Jen turned to her and said, "You have a big problem when it comes to repecting personal space." To which Maggie replied, "I'm asian. We don't believe in personal space."  

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10:27am 28/04/2005
  We're playing a free show tonight at the Blue Moon in the U-District (712 NE 45th St).

Speaker Speaker
The Black Jetts.

Doors at 9. Show at 10.

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WTF indeed...   
09:54am 22/04/2005
  We're playing a show at Chop Suey on Monday 4/25. We also have a show at the Funhouse the night before and at the Blue Moon tavern on the following Thursday. Colin, Chop Suey's booking guy, is really pissed off at us for booking other shows so close to the Chop Suey show, and is concerned that we'll be "breaking up our draw".

SO... We need to get AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to come out to this show. PLEASE COME!

Danny posted all of the dirty emails we got fom this Colin on his lj:

Read it. Fuel your fire. Come to the show. Thanks.

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